Auction Sentry Standard licence for life

Did you buy Auction Sentry Standard and the licence for life?  Now you realise you were conned?

Avoid Auction Sentry like the plague.  Auction Sentry is a con.  For all Auction Sentry Standard users who have been conned, feel free to post here.


Buy Auction Sentry Deluxe at your own risk.  Who knows what you will get when you pay.

I paid for a licence for life.  Now the software will not work and they want me to pay more money.  This has happened to thousands of people.


22 thoughts on “Auction Sentry Standard licence for life

  1. Version: Auction Sentry Standard 3.3.9


    by USS-1701 on September 15, 2011

    Pros: There is absolutely nothing good about this software or company.

    Cons: The company is run by con-artists.
    They are trying to sell software that DOES NOT WORK as advertised!
    They ignore their customers that purchased a LIFETIME license by refusing to support the product they sold!


    Summary: The people at Auction Sentry has stopped supporting their standard product, even though people purchased a lifetime license until 2099.

    Now they want the same people they screwed over to pay an ANNUAL licensing fee for their UPGRADED product, that DOES NOT WORK RIGHT.


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  2. Version: Auction Sentry Standard 3.3.9

    “BEWARE. Go download AuctionMagic instead.”

    by bkowkabany on September 13, 2011

    Pros: It used to be good years ago.

    Cons: Buggy, horrible customer service, expensive.

    Summary: BEWARE. Go download AuctionMagic instead –

    This company bought the software rights from Dan Hite and customer service went rapidly downhill. First they stopped honoring Dan’s free upgrades for life policy. Then the software became buggy (Dan was great at keeping abreast of eBay software changes) and they took YEARS to fix it. Now they are only offering the Deluxe version. What does that mean? It is the same software but with an Annual Fee instead of a single outright purchase. It stops working every 12 months and you have to pay for it again. There is no reason for this policy other than for them to make more money. That combined with their customer disservice means you should avoid AuctionSentry at all costs.

    I am not affiliated with any companies. I am just a dissatisfied Auction Sentry customer. Many former Auction Sentry customers now use AuctionMagic instead. One time, inexpensive fee and a free download to try it –

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  3. Version: Auction Sentry Standard 3.3.9

    “New ownership – poorly run – beware!”

    by Sequiter on September 12, 2011

    Pros: Used to be a good software program.

    Cons: Dan Hite, the original developer, sold to some awful new owners. Often broken, slow to update as eBay frequently changes. Poor customer service – generic support form page. Price got jacked up to a subscription rate.

    Summary: Historically good program ruined by new ownership. Avoid at all costs.

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  4. Version: Auction Sentry Standard 3.3.9

    “Rubbish- A disgrace”

    by offshore111 on September 3, 2011

    Pros: Was a great software until the new owners bought in.

    Cons: Now they are saying that they will no longer support it, so buy a new programme from us.

    Summary: This is disgraceful behaviour. I spent good money for the programme and I expect it to be supported. Have been waiting for over a month and now told its “broken”
    They need to stick it where it best fits!

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  5. “New versions never work”

    by sarraceniac1 on August 31, 2011

    Pros: None (now)

    Cons: Since the current owners took over it is virtually impossible to load snipes. Used to be great but now when you report it you just get a reply ‘We know. We are working on it’.

    Summary: DON’T waste your time and money. There are free on-line snipers which actually work.

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  6. “Used to work but Dan Sold it to Fools who Can’t Fix it.”

    by funnicus on August 5, 2011

    Pros: Presently none, but if they fix it, (unlikely) it can make you richer person in both time and money. It used to be the best money I ever spent on a program, but no longer works right. I am here looking for another program to replace it with. RIP

    Cons: Randomly tells you that you won an item you did not win. Randomly bids on correct time. Leaves you completely confused, Has no idea what time it is. Programmers on duty lied on their applications and are faking it.They only fix lawn mowers badly.

    Summary: Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to bury Auction Sentry original and deluxe edition which neither work for last 2 months and management has shown it does not care but is still accepting payment for inoperable program, and probably should be in jail if anyone should. Same goes for George Bush who fumbled the 911 attack which was supposed to be 3 planes shown flying into 3 buildings rigged to collapse and enable public support for US invasion of middle east and killing of arabs. Yeah he belongs in jail. And over 1500 architects and engineers agree that the collapse was controlled demolition. is quite informative. Auction sentry still places bids randomly, but never correctly. It also false alarms you constantly because it is never aware of auction end. This renders the program non useable for me, I make a living on ebay.

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  7. “Out of business??”

    by mkutler on July 30, 2011

    Pros: generally bids on accurately and on-time

    Cons: takes too long to start or will not start at all like now
    cannot reach servers or website – possibly out of business!
    too manual – should be more automated to run auctions
    crashes Firefox

    Summary: I paid for a two-year subscription and cannot get the program to verify my registration. I tried going to the author’s website but it will not load. Not sure if their servers are down or whether they gone out of business. Not good when you’re trying to place a bid!

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  8. “It will work well, but only if youare willing to pay”

    by Belicosos on June 4, 2011

    Pros: Good features, accurate timeline bidding

    Cons: This is a trial version, not a free version.

    Summary: This is a solid performer with a somewhat unintuitive but learnable interface. The software is full of links that say the product is free but they all end with an attempt to get $9.95 from you.

    I gave it one star because I hate being misled and the listing promises something that does not exist, a free program. The program is solid but the offer is a scam. This should NOT be listed as free.

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    1 stars

    Version: Auction Sentry Standard 3.3.9


    by nonyabn on May 25, 2011

    Pros: None, none, none, none

    Cons: This software is placed in the free section but it’s just a 10-day trial. CNET needs to move it out of the free category.

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  9. This software doesn’t work. It used to work, but apparently the company was sold and it’s now owned by Auctiva, which is an unbelievably crooked company.

    I stopped using it a while back, and now these scum are spamming me (apparently they are offering a lifetime license, but who needs it if the program doesn’t work?):
    We would like to invite you to experience the updated Auction Sentry 4.0 product. In addition to the new features available in 4.0, you will notice some aesthetic upgrades as well as upgrades to the design and functionality of the website.
    With 4.0 you get these updated features:
    • Mass Add Features
    • Conditional Bid Groups
    • Export Features
    and more…
    For those users who previously purchased a “lifetime” license for what used to be known as the Auction Sentry Standard version, this upgrade is included in that purchase.
    Start the Update Process Now
    Please use this product key to complete the update process.
    Product Key
    We hope you enjoy Auction Sentry 4.0! As always, if you have any issues or feedback, please let us know by completing the Contact page on our website.

    The Auction Sentry Team

    If you are using sniping software, if it doesn’t work it’s more than an inconvenience if you’re a collector. Some stuff may never be on ebay again?

    I bought Auction Defender even though I’ve paid for Auction Sentry, and so far it works fine.

    I did try to use the Auction Sentry page to tell these jerks to stop spamming me, but that page doesn’t work.

  10. yes i bought the lifetime package and then was told its not the same program and i would have to pay again.

    1) Bought the Beta version as to become part investor to get free Auction Sentry for Life 2099 was stated

    2) Take over then bungles it up and states that was just for the system updates and they no longer goin to update it as now they have a new program.

    3) Their website Quote “Auction Sentry has been the #1 desktop eBay auction sniping program since its release in 2001. It’s the best selling eBay snipe software you can run from your computer.

    Save Time – No more waiting for the end of eBay auctions; just set your max bid and let our bidding software automatically bid for you.
    Save Money – Avoid costly bidding wars on eBay by letting us bid your max at the last second.
    Win More – Watch and set your bids to help you win more eBay auctions.

    so they are actually admitting they are fucking us all over

  11. The company NEVER updates the software. When it does, it does NOT work!!!

    They cannot even get the daylight savings time correct. March 2012 it will not bid. It is an hour behind on bidding. STUPID JACKOFFS!

  12. I’ve been a Auction Sentry user since Dan Hite brought the program out for eBay users almost ten years ago. I too purchased the “Lifetime” version. Then for the past several years after Auctiva bought it, I’ve bought the annual subscription for $12.95 – $14.95

    A few days ago I received a message saying my subscription was ending…the same day it ended…and the only option was to agree to a monthly subscription plan at $4.95 month…or four times more than I’ve been paying for the past several years!

    Based on what I have read online in the past couple of days, I am inclined to post my review of this behavior to every online venue that will accept it if Auctiva doesn’t change their fee structure. This kind of s*&% is just the thing to incite a call for vengeance against companies who abuse their customers. If you too are so inclined, i suggest commentary be placed on at least these sites: Softpedia, C’net, EcommerceBytes, and AuctionBytes.

    Plus a letter or phone call to their offices might be helpful as well:
    Auctiva Corp.
    360 East 6th Street Chico, CA 95928
    (530) 892-9191

    Tell them in plain language what you think of their administration of Auction Sentry.

  13. I used to pay $12.95 for a one year license. Now it is $4.95 a month and that’s quite a jump to say the least. I did sign on for one month to bid on a couple of auctions but it does not work like it used to and I was unable to use it at all. Goodbye Auction Sentery!

  14. I’ve been with Auction Sentry user since Dan Hite developed and sold me my lifetime program for eBay biding almost ten years ago. I too purchased the “Lifetime” version.
    I did not pay fees in the past 10 years and use it weekly just a few months ago it stopped working on 10/5/12 was the last bid that worked. I have had no response from Auction Sentry customer service the new owners should honor the prior contracts with us the end users.
    Let’s start a class action suit.

  15. I bought a license presumably for life (I bought the software) and it stopped working last week. When I sign onto their site it says my license was for three years only. Sic. Nonsense.

  16. I too bought the program from the original guy on a lifetime promise, just a few weeks before he sold and my lifetime became limited to 12 months! It’s sad that the software went this way, it was brilliant under the creator of the program but under the new guys – they just ran it into the ground for all it was worth, I doubt they made much from it, they could easily have attracted new customers had they been as talented as the original programmer, but they weren’t and now the software is dead. I was lucky I guess I never opted to buy into the ‘new’ subscription model, it wasn’t what I signed up for so I just left…. I went back today to find the software died 23rd March 2015. So long Auction Sentry you were once the go to app, but became a shadow and finally faded away.

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